b'Skagit Wildlife,Mount VernonBirds abound in the Skagit River Delta ADULTS 62+where the nutrient rich farmlands and mud flats make an attractive feeding OUTDOORground. Well make several stops to try to fill up our bird count sheet and if wereTacoma WaterfrontRECREATION lucky, the snow geese and swans will stillCome and see Tacomas new trail near be around. First, we will drive through the Skagit Valley daffodil fields to viewPt. Defiance Park. Hike from the park brilliant yellow and white rows. Dontvia the new pedestrian bridge down forget to bring your camera, binocularsto the waterfront. Well skirt around a and bird books. new entertainment complex and back Skagit Wildlife Area: 3 mile roundto the Dune Peninsula. After taking in trip; minimal elevation gain the fantastic view, well continue on the Fir Island Farms Reserve Unit: 700promenade out to Owen Beach and then yards, minimal elevation gain back up to Pt Defiance Park. Trails are mostly paved.7865Apr 10 Fri 8:30am2pm $28/$34 NMSIGN UP DATE: MAR 20 6 mile round trip260 foot elevation gain9053May 6 Wed 8:30am4:15pm $28/$34 NMWhistle Lake, SIGN UP DATE: APR 17Anacortes You cant help but whistle as you wanderPutney Woods,around this scenic lake tucked below MtWhidbey Island First Aid for Hikers Erie. The trail starts down a wooded lane Changing outdoor environmentsuntil you come to the lake where youllLangley residents get the luxury of a can produce any number of healthfind madrone trees alongside the conifers.wonderful trail system right at their related conditions-medical orThe path leaves the lake just after a footdoorstep. The trail sashays through a trauma. Join Carole Linhart for abridge, then climbs up to a service roadforest plush with wildflowers such as two-hour review of how to preventbefore it loops back down to the lake.trilliums. After the hike, well head into an incident and how to manageThere youll find a nice spot to have lunchLangley for lunch on your own before the a variety of First Aid responses ifwhile overlooking a small island in theferry ride home.they do happen. Recognize signslake. 6 mile loopand symptoms before someone is in4 mile loop 360 foot elevation gainan emergency, and learn about and580 foot elevation gain 9433May 20 Wed 8:30am3pm $34/$40 NMpractice treating minor conditions.7866Apr 15 Wed 8:30am3:45pm $28/$34 NM SIGN UP DATE: APR 17Before you go out, be prepared. SIGN UP DATE: MAR 208587 Apr 3 Fri 12:30pm Free/$5 NMPowerline Trail, RedmondHIKE DIFFICULTY KEYBegin your hike at the 68-acre Farrel- EASY ; flat trail paved Pass Lake Loop, McWhirter Farm Park where youll makeor unpaved Deception Pass your way through a forest to connect toMODERATELY EASY ; slight the powerline trail. Once on this trail,elevation gain with some hills A short, but challenging hike to kick offyoull continue on a tree lined gravel MODERATE ; likely to include the hike season is just what the doctorpath out and back with a 300-foot hillsome difficult terrain and ordered. There are a lot of elevationclimb in the middle to get your heartelevation gain; must be variances and technical portions torate up. There will be a side trip to Julesteady on your feet challenge yourself. Enjoy views of PassCHALLENGING ; likely to include Community Park to see a communitysteeper elevation gain with Lake and towering virgin growth. Despitegarden on the way back.switchbacks or steps; rocks, the name, this trail doesnt loop around4 mile round triproots and challenging footingthe lake, but a hill. After the hike, well340 foot elevation gainDIFFICULT ; likely to include drive through the daffodil fields in Skagitcontinual elevation Valley and do an ice cream stop where its7867Apr 24 Fri 8:30am1:15pm $28/$34 NM climb, steep switchbacks, rumored, they serve up giant size scoops.SIGN UP DATE: MAR 20 distance over eight miles, challenging footing2.5 mile loopHIKING BOOTS ONLY350 foot elevation gainATHLETIC SHOES ALLOWED7864Apr 1 Wed 8:30am2pm $28/$34 NMSIGN UP DATE: MAR 2028 LYNNWOOD RECREATION GUIDE SPRING 2020'