b'Beginner American Clogging Vinyasa Yoga Intermediate Tap Dance for Fun and FitnessVinyasa yoga practice links breath withDust off your tap shoes and join this No dance experience necessary to joinmovement and supports the postures in afun group of dancers. New people are this fun class. Youll learn the basic stepsflowing sequence. Improve your strength,welcome-theres lots of support to get used in all levels of American Clogging.flexibility, balance, and mobility throughyou up to speed. Thursday is instruction; Brought to America by Europeanpracticing standing and floor yoga poses.Tuesday is practice and rehearsal. immigrants, clogging is a rhythmic,This class is designed to meet the needs8919Apr 230 Tue, Thu 12:301:30pm $37/$42 NMgrounded style of dance that uses allof older adults of all experience levels.8922May 528 Tue, Thu 12:301:30pm $30/$35 NMmusic genres. The instructor calls outAdults of all ages are welcome. Please8916Jun 230 Tue, Thu 12:301:30pm $30/$35 NMcues and that keeps it fun and easy tobring a mat to class.Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 102 learn. Stay and watch the Beginner Plus8930Apr 425 Sat 1111:50am $20/$25 NM Instructor: Melissa Olsonclass for a preview of what comes next.8939May 230 Sat 1111:50am $25/$30 NMShoe styles and taps will be discussed at8936Jun 627 Sat 1111:50am $20/$25 NM Line Dance for All the first class each month.Location: LSC 2 Instructor: Lida (Sungyeo) Kim Line dance continues and it will be all 8912 Apr 129 Wed 1:302:15pm $25/$30 NM about moving and having fun. In this 8924 May 1327 Wed1:302:15pm $15/$20 NM8917 Jun 324 Wed 1:302:15pm $20/$25 NM Laughter Yogaeasy, upbeat class, youll move to a wide Location: LSC 2variety of music including Rock & Roll, Instructor: Maureen Pettit Invite balance, health, and joy into yourHip Hop, Salsa, Cha Cha, Country life with a chair-based gentle yoga practiceWestern, Zydeco, Cumbia, Merengue, that emphasizes mindful awareness ofTango and much more. Exercise never felt Beginner Plus Americanbody sensations. Whats unique about thislike such fun! This class is for people of all Cloggingfor Fun and Fitnessyoga style is that it is combined with funexperience and ability levels. Add on to what you learned in Beginneractivities. This is a powerful, life-changing8913Apr 324 Fri 10:1511:15am $20/$24 NMAmerican Clogging. Youll learn stepsexperience. Laughter is the best medicine8920May 129 Fri 10:1511:15am $25/$30 NMthat are a little more challenging andin the world.8915Jun 526 Fri 10:1511:15am $20/$25 NMdance to easy, choreographed dances. The$6 DROP-IN OR $48 FOR AN 8-SESSION PASS Location: LSC 1 & 2 instructor always calls out cues and that8937Apr 230 Tue, Thu 121pm $45/$50 NM Instructor: MaryLee Lykeskeeps it fun and easy to continue learning.8931May 528 Tue, Thu 121pm $40/$45 NMCome early and overlap with the Beginner8932Jun 230 Tue, Thu 121pm $45/$50 NM Tai Ji Quan:class for extra practice and review.Location: LSC 2Moving for Better Balance8923Apr 129 Wed 22:45pm $25/$30 NM Instructor: Lida (Sungyeo) Kim Register for your chance to learn easy 8914May 1327 Wed 22:45pm $15/$20 NM8921Jun 324 Wed 22:45pm $20/$25 NM Zumba Goldflowing movements that are proven Location: LSC 2to improve posture, gait, mobility and Instructor: Maureen Pettit Youve heard people rave about Zumbaabalance in older adults. Movements are Latin Movement-based dance classbased on traditional Chinese Yang Style that includes Salsa, Merengue, ChaTai Chi. Attend class twice a week for Flow Yoga 62+Cha, Tango and more. Zumba Gold is12 weeks and youll build the foundation Your day will start on a peaceful noteespecially adapted for adults 62+, forfor a lifetime practice. This class was with a gentle, safe and fun Flow Yogaadults who are beginning to increaseresearched and developed by Dr. Fuzhong practice. Improve your strength,activity to improve wellness, and forLi in conjunction with the CDC at the flexibility, balance, and mobility throughpeople with physical limitations. You canOregon Research Institute in Eugene. practicing standing and seated yogalearn the moves on your feet or in a chair.Payment options are available.poses. A chair may be used for supportDont miss out on this fun way to fitness!9278Apr 14Jul 2 Tue, Thu 23pm $120/$125 NMas needed. This class is designed to meet$6 DROP-IN Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 102 the needs of older adults of all experience8957Apr 627 Mon 99:50am $20/$25 NM Instructor: Debby Grantlevels. Adults of all ages are welcome.8958May 418 Mon 99:50am $15/$20 NM8954Jun 129 Mon 99:50am $25/$30 NM$6 DROP-IN OR $48 FOR AN 8-SESSION PASS 8955Apr 129 Wed 1010:50am $25/$30 NM Tai Chi and Relaxation 8938 Apr 230 Tue, Thu 8:409:30am $45/$50 NM8940 May 528 Tue, Thu 8:409:30am $40/$45 NM 8956May 627 Wed 1010:50am $20/$25 NM Discover the ancient art of health and 8941 Jun 230 Tue, Thu 8:409:30am $45/$50 NM 8959Jun 324 Wed 1010:50am $20/$25 NM well-being through gentle, controlled Location: LSC 2Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 102movements focusing on balance. Class Instructor: Lida (Sungyeo) Kim Instructor: Joan Harrison is based in traditional Yang Style forms and includes a relaxation practice. Both learning and continuing students are welcome.8948Apr 230 Thu 910am $30/$35 NM8950May 728 Thu 910am $24/$29 NMLocation: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 102 Instructor: Barbara Gleisner425-670-5732 www.PlayLynnwood.com25'