b'Belly Dancing Embrace your inner goddess, gain confidence and learn to love your body. As you transform yourself with the art of Belly Dance. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are encouraged to learn in a comfortable, supportive ADULTS environment. The first half of class will focus on the fundamentals. By breaking down the moves and drilling them into muscle memory. You will learn to accent, shimmy, isolate, and undulate.Tap Dance The second half (optional) will focusJoin us for thirty minutes of tap skills. on Choreography and learning a danceFollowed by sixty minutes of floor routine. You may take part, stay andmovement and dance combinations. observe, or leave for the second half.No experience necessary. Stay for the 12 YRS AND UPentire class to build upon your skills. 9269Apr 13Jun 15 qMon 6:308pm $90/$76* Or practice the skills. And watch other Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 101students perform combinations that Instructor: Angela Thomson you will be doing in no time. Tap shoes qNo Class May 25 required. Session is 9 classes long. Monthly payments available. Hula for Everyone16 YRS AND UP WALK IN, HULA OUT!!! Hula is for9270Apr 15Jun 17 Wed 6:308pm $100/$84*everyone, beginners welcome. We beginLocation: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 102 with basic steps and hand motions andInstructor: Virginia Miscionecontinue on to learn beautiful hulas both old and new. Every class begins with aDigital Music Creation review so that new students are able toThis class will help you on your way to merge with the current class. A joyfulcreating your own musical art! Learn class. Wear something loose and comfy.the basics of beat production, mixing, 12 YRS AND UPand recording. We will cover the studio Ballet: Adult and Teens9256 Apr 14Jun 16 Tue 6:307:30pm $100/$85* equipment needed for the modern Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 102computer recording setup and how to use Come learn the fundamentals of ballet inInstructor: Jeanne Porter it. While exploring drum programming, an environment geared towards adults!mix downs and vocal recording. More Focus on techniques, artistry, and balance.Irish Dance For Alladvanced techniques will follow. Such as As we explore movement at the barre andthe creation of structured instrumentals, center floor. Monthly payments available.Join Kat Erickson of Cladach Irish Danceaudio editing and applying digital effects. 13 YRS AND UPfor an all levels Irish Dance class! TheMonthly payments available. 9276 Apr 30Jun 18 qThu 78pm $84/$70* first thirty minutes we will warm up Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 102with basic techniques. Followed by thirty9 YRS AND UP 9035Apr 15May 13 Wed 7:309pm $200/$170*Instructor: Katherine Erickson minutes of steps in soft-shoe. And end9037May 20Jun 17 Wed 7:309pm $200/$170*qNo Class May 14 with thirty minutes of advanced hard-shoeLocation: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Conference Room group Ceili dancing. Class is designed forInstructor: Kontagious Performing Companybeginning and advanced levels. Stay for the Paint the Mastersentire class to build upon your skills. Or Discovery your inner artist. Each weekpractice the basic techniques and watch you will explore a different painter. Andadvanced students perform hard-shoe. your instructor will guide you throughMonthly payments available. a step by step process of painting your9 YRS AND UPRegister Early!own master piece. $30 supply fee will be9279Apr 30Jun 18 qThu 5:456:45pm$84/$71*Avoid Disappointments*See cancellation policy included at registration.Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 102 on page 31.13 YRS AND UPInstructor: Katherine Erickson9430Apr 13Apr 27 Mon 6:158:45pm $90/$75* qNo Class May 149431May 11May 25 Mon 6:158:45pm $90/$75*9432Jun 1Jun 15 Mon 6:158:45pm $90/$75*Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Conference Room Instructor: Lori Moen22 LYNNWOOD RECREATION GUIDE SPRING 2020'