b'Blended LearningFirst Aid Adult and Pediatric First Aid,Effective first aid training greatly CPR & AEDimproves a victims chance of survival This course provides participantsand recovery. Learn to recognize, with the vital knowledge they needassess, and respond quickly, confidently SAFETYto respond to a medical emergencyand appropriately to common injuries appropriately and efficiently. Throughincluding: cuts, burns, environmental CLASSES a combination of self-paced online/e- emergencies and more. Learning and an instructor-led skill11 YRS AND UP session, you will be able to practice,8999Apr 26 Sun 10am3pm $52/$45*participate, and demonstrate the sameLocation: Fire Station 15, Training Room skills and knowledge as our classroom-based courses. The American Red CrossAdult & Pediatric First Aid/online portion is interactive experienceCPR/AED ReviewClassroom where participants respond to real-world emergencies in a virtual setting.The purpose of a review course is to Online portion must be completed beforeprovide currently certified individuals attending skills session. with the opportunity to review the course 14 YRS AND UPcontent within a formal class setting. The 9309 Apr 13 Mon 1:304pm $80/$76* participants will view the video segments, 9310 Apr 13 Mon 5:308pm $80/$76* practice, perform the skills for evaluation, 9311 Apr 18 Sat 10am12:30pm $80/$76* and complete the written the exam. 9312 Apr 20 Mon 9am11:30am $80/$76* To be eligible to participate in a review 9313 Apr 29 Wed 5:308pm $80/$76* course students must possess a current 9314 May 13 Wed 1:304pm $80/$76* American Red Cross certificate. Non-9315 May 14 Thu 9am11:30am $80/$76*9316 May 16 Sat 10am12:3pm $80/$76* certificate holders may participate in a 9317 May 16 Sat 24:30pm $80/$76* full course option.9318 May 18 Mon 1:304pm $80/$76* 14 YRS AND UP 9319 May 27 Wed 5:308pm $80/$76* 9308May 17 Sun 10am2:30pm $76/$80*9320 Jun 10 Wed 5:308pm $80/$76* Location: Fire Station 15, Training Room 9321 Jun 15 Mon 1:304pm $80/$76*9322 Jun 15 Mon 5:308pm $80/$76*9324 Jun 20 Sat 10am12:30pm $80/$76*Adult and Pediatric First Aid,9325 Jun 20 Sat 24:30pm $80/$76* Basic Life Support for CPR & AEDClassroom Location: Fire Station 15, Training RoomFire Station 15Healthcare Providers The Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/ American Red Cross Basic Life Support AED course teaches students how toAdult CPR & AEDClassroomfor Healthcare Providers (BLS) delivers identify a medical emergency, handlethe critical thinking, problem solving, and breathing and cardiac emergencies, andThis American Red Cross Course isteamwork concepts needed to help turn a the use of an AED. Be the one who makesdesigned to help participants recognizereaction to medical emergencies into an a difference and learn to help victimsand respond appropriately to cardiac andempowered response. BLS is one of the of any age, in this American Red Crossbreathing emergencies in Adults. With anhigher level courses and is for individuals course.emphasis on hands-on learning, studentswith a duty to respond like public safety 14 YRS AND UPwill learn the skills to save a life andprofessionals and healthcare providers. 8990 Apr 4 Sat 10am5:30pm $113/$98* knowledge to give immediate care to adults.This course emphasizes active, hands-on 8991 Apr 2022 Mon/Wed 59pm $113/$98* 14 YRS AND UPlearning and uses scenario activities to 8992 May 2 Sat 10am5:30pm $113/$98* 8998Jun 7 Sun 10am1pm $57/$50* help participants learn how to provide 8993 May 1820Mon/Wed 59pm $113/$98* Location: Fire Station 15, Training Room adult and pediatric CPR, two-rescuer 8994 Jun 13 Sat 10am5:30pm $113/$98* scenarios and use of the bag mask, foreign 8995 Jun 2224 Mon/Wed 59pm $113/$98* body airway obstruction, and automated Location: Fire Station 15, Training Room external defibrillator. Offered in a blended learning format (online learning with Register Early! instructor-led skill session). Avoid Disappointments14 YRS AND UP *See cancellation policy 8997Apr 18 Sat 1:305pm $90/$80*on page 31.Location: Fire Station 15, Training Room 20 LYNNWOOD RECREATION GUIDE SPRING 2020'