b'Enhance Fitness found on page 24 WATER FITNESS SCHEDULEMon & Wed Tues & Thur Friday Sat SunRiver River River RiverZumba5:45am 5:45am 5:45 am 7:05amZUMBA is a fitness workout fusing LatinRiverRiver Deep Shallowrhythms with easy to follow moves.8am 8am 8:10am 9:30am13 YRS AND UP DeepDeep Deep9:15am 9:15am 9:15amLocation: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Fitness Studio62+ River62+ River 62+ RiverBoot Camp10:30am 10:30am 10:30amGentleGentle GentleBoot Camp is a class designed to increaseNoon Noon Noonstrength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness in 60 minutes.Shallow13 YRS AND UP & Deep 7pmAdult ShallowYoga Foundations Swim Club& DeepYoga Foundations will teach the basic8pm 8:30pmfoundations of yoga poses. In class alignment, strengthen and flexibilityGentle Water Fitness Deep Water Fitnesswill be taught. Breathing techniques andIn the 93 wellness pool, gentleZero joint impact with maximum meditation are also included. In this classmovements will help you relieveresistance without touching the the yoga flow will be simple, repetitive,pain and stiffness as well asbottom of the pool. Exercises and focus on ease of movement.13 YRS AND UP increase joint flexibility. Low-keyare performed with flotation workouts are great for thoseequipment. The focus is on core recovering from injury or juststrength, cardio intensity and fullSUPPORT trying to relieve aches and pains range of motion. OOD of everyday life. Location: Recreation Center, Lap PoolL NNW Location: Recreation Center, Wellness PoolY 62+ Water FitnessShallow Water Fitness Taught in the River, this class Looking to advertise?While training all the majoris designed especially for those Contact Julie Applegate to discussmuscle groups against the watersages 62+. Enjoy the camaraderie how to maximize your exposure toresistance, you will receive aand fun these classes offer while residents of Lynnwood calorie-burning workout. Classesreceiving a low impact cardio are held in the shallow end ofworkout. Join this class and walk the lap pool. No swimmingaway feeling energized.experience required. Location: Recreation Center, River Location: Recreation Center, Lap PoolFitness in the River Adult Swim ClubCoached fitness programUse the current of the River fordesigned for swimmers looking for increased resistance. Water depthquality workouts, individualized is 3.5 ft, perfect for those lookingtechnique instruction, and for a new kind of challenge.stroke improvement. For fitness Great for cross training andor Masters Competition, each burning calories. These classes areswimmer has the opportunity motivating and powerful workoutsto improve and work towards with body-energizing results. personal swimming goals.Location: Recreation Center, River You will need enduranceenough to swim 100 yards of 206-753-7250 crawlstroke comfortably.julie@philipspublishing.com Location: Recreation Center, Lap Pool425-670-5732 www.PlayLynnwood.com19'