b'Group ActiveTRXGroup Active is a one-hour workout thatTRX is a suspended training system using improves cardiovascular fitness, builds total- bodyweight in a circuit style workout. body strength, and enhances movement13 YRS AND UPhealth for daily life.FITNESS PASS13 YRS AND UP Group BlastCLASSES Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Fitness Studio Group Blast is 60 minutes of cardio train-ing that uses The STEP in highly effective, Group Centergyathletic ways.Group Centergy incorporates yoga13 YRS AND UPand Pilates fundamentals with athleticwww.lynnwoodwa.gov/GroupBlasttraining for balance, mobility, flexibility,Location: Recreation Center, Fitness Studioand the core.13 YRS AND UP Group Power Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Fitness Studio Group Power combines squats, lunges, presses, and curls with functional Group Fightintegrated exercises. Group Fight is a gripping hour that 13 YRS AND UPburns a ton of calories and builds totalLocation: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Fitness Studiobody strength.13 YRS AND UPLocation: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Fitness StudioCLASS SCHEDULE* * Schedule is subject to change.Check our website for updates: http://www.lynnwoodwa.gov/PlayLynnwood/RecCenter/FitnessServices.htm Fitness Pass ClassesApril 13June 21, 2020 LANDMonday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday5:40am 5:40am 5:40am 5:40am 5:40am 7:40amIntermediate: 8:45am Intermediate: 8:45am 11:20am (Room 102) Intermediate: 8:45am 8:50amAdvanced: 10am 9:40am Advanced: 10am 9:40am Advanced: 10am 10amTRX11:20am 11:20am 11:20am 11:20am 11:10am11:20am (Room 102)12:30pm 12:30pm 12:30pm 12:30pm 8:50am (Room 102)Sunday5:40pm 5:40pm 5:40pm 5:40pm 9:40am6:50pm 6:50pm 6:50pm 6:50pm 10:50am8pm 8pm18 LYNNWOOD RECREATION GUIDE SPRING 2020'