b'Hip Hop Dance Learn the basics of Hip Hop in this introductory class as you move and groove to old-school & current beats. In a fun-filled, energetic environment. This class provides a structured method of various Hip Hop dance movements YOUTH and styles. That offer a new set of combinations & routines every time. Individual and group participation allow students to build strength, flexibility, & confidence! Monthly payments available. 58 YRS 9041Apr 15Jun 17 qWed 4:455:30pm $90/$81*9043Apr 15Jun 17 qWed 5:456:30pm $90/$81*912 YRS 9044Apr 15Jun 17 qWed 6:457:30pm $90/$81* i9 Sports LeaguesLocation: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 101There isnt a better tool to teach a Instructor: Kontagious Performing Company child the skills necessary to succeed qNo Class June 3 in life than sports. Self-discipline, determination, teamwork and good Playmaker Dramasportsmanship are only a handful of the Wizarding Worldmany valuable life skills learned through sports participation. Through the i9 In this play creation class, we willSports Experience, we offer families an collaborate to create an original playexperience that focuses on fun, safety and inspired by the Wizarding World andconvenience. Each weekend your child our imaginations. Young actors will learnwill have a 30min practice, followed by a about story structure while working as30min game. For more information or a team to create an original play. Weto register, visit i9sports.com or call Creative Art for Kids Seriesaim to help students grow in creativity,425-224-2701.courage and compassion as they exploreSpring Basketball (512 yrs) Explore painting, drawing, collage andthe performing arts. Through fun dramaMay 2Jun 13 Sat 10:30am5:30pm$139STEM art projects with award-wininggames we learn acting skills as weqNo Class 5/23artist Christine Lamb. Each class isprepare to share our original play. AllSpring Volleyball (712 yrs) different as we visit our solar system,drama students will take part in a final May 3Jun 14 Sun 124pm $139nature and different animal species. $10performance in full costume for familyqsupply fee included in registration fee.and friends on the last day of class. SessionNo class 5/24510 YRSis 10 classes. Monthly payments available.Location: Cedar Valley GymInstructor: i9 Sports9265 Apr 18Sat 1011:30am $20/$18* 711 YRS 9266 May 16Sat 1011:30am $20/$18* 9268Apr 13Jun 15 Mon 56pm $112/$120* Spring Flag Football (414 yrs) 9267 Jun 20 Sat 1011:30am $20/$18* Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 101Apr 18Jun 6 Sat 9am1pm $139Location: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Conference RoomInstructor: Dandylyon Drama Spring Soccer (312 yrs) Instructor: Christine Lamb Apr 18Jun 6 Sat 9am1pm $139Parents Night OutSpring TBall (36 yrs) Guitar for YouthApr 18Jun 6 Sat 9am1pm $139Give your child the gift of music withHey Parents! Do you dream of a fewLocation: Meadowdale Athletic Complex Field 1hours to yourself, time to catch a movie,Instructor: i9 Sportsthis affordable, easy and fun introductionor dinner without whining? A true dateq No class May 23to the guitar. By the end of the class,night? Then Stop, Drop and Roll! STOP youll be playing well known melodies orby the Recreation Center, DROP off your strumming along with your favorite songs.child and ROLL out to enjoy the evening! Student, please bring an acoustic guitar, aYour child will enjoy dinner, games, crafts, tuner, guitar picks and an empty binder toswimming or a movie all while supervisedRegister Early!class. Monthly payments available.by our fantastic summer camp counselors!Avoid Disappointments78 YRSGRADES: K6TH *See cancellation policy 9257Apr 22Jun 10 Wed 5:306:15pm $120/$102* on page 31.7400Apr 3Fri69:30pm$17/$15*911 YRS9293 May 1 Fri 69:30pm $17/$15*9258Apr 22Jun 10 Wed 6:207:20pm $136/$116* 9294 Jun 5 Fri 69:30pm $17/$15*Location: LSCLocation: Lynnwood Recreation Center, Room 101Instructor: James Howard12 LYNNWOOD RECREATION GUIDE SPRING 2020'