8 | FifeMagazine | Spring/Summer 2019 “When our tone is right and good, it’s bigger than life in a way,” said Dieveney. “We have a very distinct low bass. He can get down low and when he sings, he can fill up that part of the phonic register.” He added, “The personality of our voices work together. There’s a real chemistry to our sound. We trust each other when we get up to sing. There’s a relaxed confidence that comes with the trust.” LEROY BELL & HIS ONLY FRIENDS Defining singer-songwriter LeRoy Bell’s sound is a big task. He’s performed and recorded rock, pop and acoustic soul. He’s written songs for Elton John and Teddy Pendergrass. He’s worked as a featured vocalist with Carlos Santana. He’s belted out incredible performances as a contestant on the television show “X Factor USA.” So how to describe an artist who has performed and written music encompassing so many genres? “Rock and soul,” is the easiest description, said Bell, whose first name is pronounced Lah-roy. At his live shows, Bell is known to perform original music. He’s also known for mixing up the show as the mood dictates. “When it’s summer and we do outdoor shows, it’s a little more fun,” said the prolific artist who will perform with a band at Music in the Park. “We tailor our shows to the audience. If we see people want to get up and dance, we do more danceable things.” What about those soulful ballads he’s known for?” Don’t worry. “We’ll definitely do those,” he said. THE NOT-ITS! Musician Danny Adamson said when he and several musician friends—members of some of Seattle’s most prolific indie rock bands— started raising their own kids, they wanted to find music for their kids, but not that typical sappy kid music. When they went searching for kid-geared music “with a little edge,” they found none. That’s how they formed The Not-Its!, an indie rock band—with that little bit of an edge—aimed at school-aged kids who like to rock. They perform original songs written by the band. The five-person band, Adamson said, is a great introduction for kids at “their first rock concert.” It’s parent-approved music, high energy and perfect for an outdoor concert. Fronting the band is Sarah Shannon, formerly of Sub Pop band Velocity Girl. On drums is Michael Welke, former drummer of popular band Harvey Danger. Adamson, formerly of several Seattle indie rock bands, is on rhythm guitar. Jennie Helman is their bass player and Tom Baisden is on lead guitar. “Expect a high-energy rock show,” described Adamson. “We’re loud. We’re dripping with sweat at the end of the show.” THE FUNADDICTS Doo Wop, Motown, pop, country, soul, British Explosion and Top 40—the Funaddicts cover just about every genre of music. No matter what they’re playing, expect a high-energy performance from the regional touring band. Want to sing and dance? There will be plenty of opportunities for that. The band is Bob Seeley on vocals and keyboards; Mike Langdon, lead guitar and vocals; Mike Johnson, drums and vocals and Katie Rose, vocals and guitar. Photo: The Not-Its! Photo: The Funaddicts Left: LeRoy Bell; Right: The Not-Its! Events Photo: Susan Harris The Funaddicts