b'Eventsstarted volunteering at fall festivals, including Fifes Harvest Festival, the Steilacoom Apple Squeeze, and others. As I started to volunteer, I saw that the kids love it and the people love it. Nobody ever wants to fight. Nobody is ever mad when you hand them a cup of fresh juice. Its a great place to be. Everybody is happy and the kids are a joy when they come to the machines. Hes even inspired adults to take up the hobby of apple squeezing. One year, a gal came up to me. She wanted to take home 10 gallons. We went to another squeeze and there she was again and wanted 10 more gallons. The wife told us she wanted to order her own press because she and her husband loved the juice so much, so she did. The next year, I see them again and the hus-bands got this grin on his face and he is there volunteering with his own press. He got a Correll and hes been pressing away. Theyve been volunteering for five or so years now, he said.Gregory Combs operates his Correll cider press at the City of Fifes Harvest Festival. Find Combs and his very own Correll press at this years Harvest Festival.2018 Harvest Festival The Apple Squeeze Pro7,000 Gregory Combs loves fresh-squeezed BYTHE NUMBERSATTENDEES apple juice because it has a flavor like no other. You can buy juice made 2,880 from concentrate and you get minimal juice flavor, he said. Apple juice fresh EARS OF CORN SERVED squeezed is just better.His father-in-law shared that love for 2,000 the flavor of fresh apple ciderand he also owned an apple press. Combs and HOT DOGS EATEN his father-in-law would spend all day during harvest time squeezing apples.900 Soon, Combs was looking for his ownPOUNDS OF APPLES SQUEEZEDpress. He found one from a well-re-garded builder of apple presses, Ore-40 gon-based Correll Cider Presses. That company was founded by Bob Correll. GALLONS OF CIDER PRODUCED You can go online and look up infor-mation on really good cider presses and 60Bobs name will always come up. His sons have taken over now, said Combs. VENDORS Combs once visited their cider press factory, located in Oregon, to see the 28 building process. They all had tags on them with the make and model and the FAMILY-FRIENDLY FREE ACTIVITIES serial number tells you how many have been made. Mine is somewhere around 20 number 4,000. His nickname as \'The Apple Squeeze Guy\' was born."PARADE PARTICIPANTS After he got his fancy apple press, he needed something to do with it. He Fall/Winter 2019 |FifeMagazine | 7'