b'Fife Council & Staff DirectoryCOUNCILMEMBERS Fellow Fife Residents,The City of Fifes Harvest Festival is just around the corner. We hope youll be joining us October 5 for the festival at Dacca Park. Ill be there with Fife City Councilmembers and well be participating in a longtime traditionhanding out free corn on the cob at the Council Corn Booth. The roasted corn is one of our favorite traditions at the annual festival. Councilmember Councilmember Last year, we handed out 2,880 ears of corn, Bryan Yambe Tim Curtis which is no small undertaking when trying to Position 1 Position 2 Kim Roscoe byambe@cityoffife.org tcurtis@cityoffife.org Mayor, Position 5 keep the lines moving. kroscoe@cityoffife.org This year, you can also expect to grab a hot dog, listen to live music and watch apples being pressed into cider. Youll also be able to visit the petting zoo with your kids, catch a hay ride, check out the tractor hay maze or play squash bowling. The entire event is free, including the corn and hot dogs. My favorite part of Harvest Festival is its location. Columbia Junior High School, Dacca Park, Fife History Museum, Union Pacific Railroad and farmland converge at the festival site, and they all intersect the things that make Fife such a unique place to live: Councilmember Councilmember Our excellent schools, our parks and our connection to the areas Doug Fagundes Pat Hulceyagricultural and railroad past. Position 3 Position 4 Want to know more about the festival?See page 6 for a detailed dfagundes@cityoffife.org phulcey@cityoffife.org account of everything to do on October 5. If youre not planning on attending, wed like to hear why. These events are for you, our citizens, and if you have ideas for improving the festival or any other city event, wed also like to hear from you.Sincerely,Mayor Kim RoscoeCouncilmember Deputy Mayor CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACTSLisa McClellan Lew WolfromPosition 6 Position 7lmcclellan@cityoffife.org lwolfrom@cityoffife.org Executive Police Parks, Recreation & Hyun Kim: Pete Fisher: AquaticsCity ManagerChief of PoliceMegan Jendrick: Directorhkim@cityoffife.orgpfisher@cityoffife.org mjendrick@cityoffife.org253-896-8603253-896-8266 253-896-8671CONNECT WITH US! Jennifer Miller: Roads and InfrastructureUtilities BillingFacebook Executive Assistant Russ Blount: vwilburn@cityoffife.org/FifeWashingtonjmiller@cityoffife.orgPublic Works Director 253-922-2489,/FifeAquaticCenter 253-896-8602 rblount@cityoffife.org press option 1Twitter Brodie Rota: 253-896-8677 Venue Rentals@Fife_Washington City Clerk Jobs & Personnelparks@cityoffife.orgbrota@cityoffife.orgBeth Brooks: Human253-922-0900Instagram253-896-8616 Resources Director CourtFife_Washington Communications &bbrooks@cityoffife.org Sally Jacobsen:WebsiteMarketing 253-896-8605 CourtAdministratorCityofFife.org Kelsey Geddes:Building & Zoning253-922-6635Community Steve Friddle: FinanceCity Hall Hours:Engagement Manager CommunityPatty Luat: DirectorMF 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. kgeddes@cityoffife.org Development Director pluat@cityoffife.org253-896-8628 sfriddle@cityoffife.org 253-896-8614253-896-86334 |FifeMagazine | Fall/Winter 2019'