4 | FifeMagazine | Spring/Summer 2019 Fellow Fife Residents, Summer is here and longer days mean more time to explore. Fife’s trails are an ideal place to start. Have you toured the trail at Brookville Gardens Community Park? Take in the beautiful trees, the native plants and you might even catch a glimpse of the mountain. See pages 10-11 for other trails to explore. We are working hard to improve the connectivity of our trail system. Have an idea for that? Please let us know. Fill your Thursday nights with live music. The Music in the Park series will bring musicians such as LeRoy Bell, Amber Sweeney and The Coats to Dacca Park. Find the schedule and artist profiles beginning on page 6. There’s also time this summer to connect with your city and build a community that thrives. Want to volunteer for an event? Join a board or commission? We’ll tell you how to do that on page 2. I’ll be sitting down with leaders from throughout Pierce County soon to talk about affordable housing at a series of mayoral roundtables. My role with the Sound Transit Board of Directors means I’ll be working with regional officials to progress Sound Transit 3, which will bring a light rail station to Fife in about 10 years. More transportation projects are on the horizon for Fife, including the recent acceleration of the Puget Sound Gateway Project that will extend State Route 167 through the east side of Fife, from Puyallup to SR509. Recently passed legislation from Olympia will speed up the project by three years, starting with the new alignment of the 70th Bridge over Interstate 5 onto Pacific Highway East later this year. Completion of the project is estimated for 2028, ahead of the 2031 original timeline. Want to keep connected? Did you know that the city has an e-newsletter with news alerts to keep you informed? Visit CityofFife.org/civicalerts and sign up. Sincerely, Mayor Kim Roscoe Fife Council & Staff Directory Executive Hyun Kim: City Manager hkim@cityoffife.org 253-896-8603 Russ Blount: Deputy City Manager rblount@cityoffife.org 253-896-8677 Communications & Marketing Kelsey Geddes: Community Engagement Program Manager kgeddes@cityoffife.org 253-896-8628 Police Pete Fisher: Chief pfisher@cityoffife.org 253-896-8266 Councilmember Bryan Yambe Position 1 byambe@cityoffife.org Councilmember Tim Curtis Position 2 tcurtis@cityoffife.org Kim Roscoe Mayor, Position 5 kroscoe@cityoffife.org Councilmember Lisa McClellan Position 6 lmcclellan@cityoffife.org Deputy Mayor Lew Wolfrom Position 7 lwolfrom@cityoffife.org COUNCILMEMBERS Councilmember Pat Hulcey Position 4 phulcey@cityoffife.org Councilmember Doug Fagundes Position 3 dfagundes@cityoffife.org CONNECT WITH US! Facebook /FifeWashington /FifeAquaticCenter Twitter @Fife_Washington Instagram Fife_Washington Website CityofFife.org City Hall Hours: M–F 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Public Works Ken Gunther: Acting Director kgunther@cityoffife.org 253-896-8203 Human Resources Beth Brooks: Director bbrooks@cityoffife.org 253-896-8605 Community Development Steve Friddle: Director sfriddle@cityoffife.org 253-896-8633 Parks, Recreation & Aquatics Megan Jendrick: Director mjendrick@cityoffife.org 253-896-8671 Venue Rentals Brenda Garcia: Facility Rentals & Senior Programs Coordinator bgarcia@cityoffife.org 253-896-8662 Court Sally Jacobsen: Court Administrator 253-922-6635 Finance Patty Luat: Director pluat@cityoffife.org 253-896-8614 CITY STAFF