b'NEIGHBORSa shout-out for the Fife workers who are keeping us safe, he said. The work they completed made a huge improvement in the noise going by. To show his thanks and acknowledge the Fife employees, he dressed up his rooster to look like Aaron Jones in the citys public works department. He even included a nametag. Cant say as I have had a statue named in my honor. Maybe some voodoo dolls, but never a statue, joked Jones, who has been the citys street maintenance lead for 14 years. Kyles a super nice guy, added Jones. He brought us out water while we were working. I will say this, weve been paving out there the last month and at least three times hes driven by and hollered out thank you and called us by name when he did. As for designing the roosters attire, Gagnon said finding clothing to fit an oversized statue with odd measurements proves challenging. I look around a lot at thrift stores and antique stores, said Gagnon. Its all got to be 4XL to fit because hes bigger than he looks. I have to cut everythingand pin it. Dress-up day is one of his favorite times. When I put the stuff up, people honk and wave. I love that, he said.People leave thank-you notes on my door. They mail them to me, he said. One guy came by and gave me Seahawks tickets. Almost every day, somebody comes byand comments. His mother, an artist, was his inspiration for the rooster. My mom and dad had pharmacies when I was a kid. My mom was an artist and decorated the windows at the Wedgewood Pharmacy in Seattle. She did painting contests for Halloween and Christmas."Whats next for the roosters outfit? One way or another, I have a whole bunch of ideas, said Gagnon with a laugh.Left: The rooster is dressed as Aaron Jones in the City of Fifes Public Works Department. Kyle Gagnon dressed up the rooster in honor of cityemployees who fixed the road in front of his house. Right Top: Kyle Gagnon poses with his rooster, whose name is Doodle Doo. Fall/Winter 2019 |FifeMagazine | 13'