12 | FifeMagazine | Spring/Summer 2019 Police Y ou know parked cars get hot, but what you might not realize is that a car’s interior temperature can rise 20 degrees in just 10 minutes. Leaving the windows cracked or rolled down does not slow heat acceleration, nor does it cool the interior, especially on wind-free days. Sun exposure on a parked car has the same effect, even in mild outdoor temperatures. Never leave a child or a pet closed up in a parked car on a sunny day, even just for a minute! The only innate cooling mechanism your dog has is panting. If a dog breathes in hot air, especially if he is panting, Keep your kids and pets safe, and out of a hot car BY POLICE SPECIALIST STEVEN VAN ZANTEN it doesn’t take long for serious complications to arise, such as heat stroke. A child’s body can heat three to five times more quickly than that of an adult. Children also possess fewer sweat glands than adults. Kids can’t adapt quickly to an increase of temperature. A body temperature of 107 degrees is lethal. To keep your family safe this warm summer season, follow these seven safety tips: 1. Look before you lock. Be sure to open the back door and look into the back seat to confirm that everyone is out of the car before you lock it up. 2. Keep something you need in the back seat. Put something that you will need to grab in the back seat such as a cell phone, wallet, or anything that is essential to your daily routine. It will serve as one more reminder to check the back seat for a child. 3. Travel with a furry companion. Keeping a stuffed animal in the front seat, when you have a baby in the car, serves as a reminder that the baby is in the back. 4. Always lock the doors. Even if the car is in the garage, or away from a perceived threat. Keep the doors locked to prevent children from entering the car without your knowledge. 5. Put the key fobs away. Kids might want to play with keys. That might allow them to enter the car without the parent’s knowledge. Keep all keys and key fobs out of reach of children. 6. Have a plan with your childcare provider. If your child does not show up for daycare or school without prior notice, have a plan in place for the childcare provider to make notification and locate the child. 7. If you see something, say something. If you see a child or pet in the car on a hot day, don’t hesitate to dial 911. Temperatures can rise quickly in a closed car. Keep pets and kids safe. Fife M A G A Z I N E 2017 RECAP EASTER EGG HUNT FIFE COMMUNITY GARDEN March 30 & 31 Spring/Summer 2018 PRSRT STD US Postage Paid Seattle, WA Permit No. 1 ECRWSS Postal Customer 206-660-5147 danton@philipspublishing.com Looking to advertise? Contact Danton Hicks to discuss how to maximize your exposure to residents of Fife SUPPORT FIFE Fife M A G A Z I N E FIFE HARVEST FESTIVAL Saturday, October 6 BROOKVILLE PARK OPENS Fall/Winter PRSRT STD US Postage Paid Seattle, WA Permit No. 1 ECRWSS Postal Customer