b'City ProjectsThe next chapter in Fifes history will be written largely in support of what comes from those projects. Container traffic off I-5 into the port will be improved in the west with our interchange project. To the east, SR 167 will ensure a new approach into and out of the port, with system-wide enhancements between SR 509 and I-5. Additionally, with a new mass transit option for our residents and businesses, Fife will look to fill out the middle phase of orderly development between residential and industrial uses. TACOMA DOME LINK EXTENSION Our community needs to prepare for mixed-use, transit-oriented development (TOD) projects that will surely come Part of the ST3 package passed by voters in 2016,with a transit stop. Akin to what has developed in Seattles Sound Transit plans to commence light rail industrial district (SODO), Fife too should look toward connectivity between Federal Way, Fife and Tacoma.sustainable TOD development that will allow our residentsThe portion of the project to be to live and work in the community they call home. Our constructed in Fife will include a transit station downtown (FIDO, Fife Downtown) will see new developments and parking garage at an estimated cost of more in support of existing businesses and new alike.than $700$800 million.The citys charge over the coming days ahead is two-fold. First, we need to clearly communicate with you (our stakeholders) about the many positive disruptions that $700-$800are taking place today. Second, we need to ensure orderly redevelopment within the city so that we serve the residents MILLION and businesses that call Fife home as well as those new patrons that will surely follow these projects.Both of those steps are predicated on the city being at our best. I look forward to hearing from you as we work toward a sustainable tomorrow. Pre-K Banner_1-6 VERTICAL ad.pdf 1 9/10/2019 11:25:43 AMd t of Tacoma R Por Alexander Ave E 54th Ave E 99 orterTHE PUGET SOUNDP509 W GATEWAY PROGRAM8th St E ay62nd Ave E I-5 WSDOT, in coordination with 25 other agencies and jurisdictions (including Fife) intends to con-12th St E struct a system-wide connection between SR 167, SR 509, and I-5. Phase 1 of this project will extend Paci\x1fc Highway E 99 7th Ave y of Fife, terminating at SR 509 nearMSR 167 from Puyallup into the CityCaW the Port of Tacoma. The portiononMilt of the project to be constructedYI-5 City Center in Fife is estimated to cost $963CM20th St E 20th St E million, according to projections.MYA new 70th Avenue bridge cross-ing is slated to start constructionCYRailroad Industry Dr E 70th Ave E later this year. Additionally, aCMYnew Interurban Trailhead will be 62nd Ave E constructed adjacent to this areaK167 for pedestrians headed north on Puyallup River this trail.N Frank Albert Rd E Valley Ave E $963 W E River Rd E MILLIONS Radiance Blvd Valley Ave NWCity CenterE Fall/Winter 2019 |FifeMagazine | 11I-5 Railroad20th St EN Levee Rd E 70th Ave ERiver Rd E54th Ave E48th St E16723rd St E'