b'City ProjectsThe transformative nature ofFifes future. Heres whats aheadBY HYUN KIM, CITY MANAGERO fficially incorporated in 1957,we must be focused on prudenthas grown from a largely agricultural Fife came into cityhood at ainfrastructure investments not just forbedroom community toward a more crossroads of sorts. Interstatetoday, but the next generation as well. commercial-centric and industrial hub, 5 (in Washington State)South of I-5, our community isthe Fife City Council is looking toward was conceived during this period andlargely a mix of residential andthose infrastructure investments constructed in the following years.commercial properties. The bulk of ourthat will garner relief for our surface The story of Fife is interwoven withpopulation resides in this area. One ofroadways, with more direct approaches that interstate, as this major roadwaythe themes carried over throughoutfor freight and regional traffic into the runs through Fife, quite literallyour community is the number ofPort of Tacoma.cutting the city in half. The northernwarehouses that have developedThe current plan encompasses portion of our communitynorth ofover the years. Planned commercialroughly $2 billion in public investment, I-5is encompassed by our residents,development in Fife over the lastwithin our 5.8 square-mile community, businesses and industrial occupants.half-century has mirrored otherthat will be deployed in the next 10 That mix of legacy housing optionsjurisdictions near the Port of Tacoma.years. The following regional and local alongside freight-related businessesAs the port became more competitiveprojects will be constructed in support represents an immense challenge andthroughout the world, so too has ourof the citys aim to reduce congestion opportunity as we look toward orderlyregion and city benefited economically.and ensure Fife becomes more accessi-redevelopment in light of the plannedIn the coming years, we have someble for residents and businesses.Sound Transit Station in Fife. decisions to make. As our community Regional infrastructure projects within the South Sound have been executed in tandem withd t of Tacoma R Por Alexander Ave E 54th Ave E orter Fifes development. As our region99 Pcontinues to face the challenges and opportunities from population growth,509 8th St E Way62nd Ave E I-512th St EPORT OF TACOMA PROJECT Paci\x1fc Highway E 99 7th Ave yINTERCHANGEaW nThis Fife led project will lead totoilimmense improvements for ourI-5 City Center Mindustrial businesses in Fife and20th St E 20th St Ethe region as a whole. We are cur-rently more than halfway through phase 1 of this $100 million pro- Railroad Industry Dr E 70th Ave Eject. The project will reconfigure the existing interchange to a split62nd Ave Ediamond with the installation of a167second bridge crossing over I-5. Puyallup River$100N Frank Albert Rd E Valley Ave EMILLION W E River Rd ES Radiance Blvd Valley Ave NW10 |FifeMagazine | Fall/Winter 2019 City CenterEI-5 Railroad20th St EN Levee Rd E 70th Ave ERiver Rd E54th Ave E48th St E16723rd St E'