b'CITY NEWS| HOW TO ENGAGECONNECT BY EMILY INLOW-HOOD,COMMUNICATIONS OFFICERENGAGE THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO PARTICIPATE AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR CITY INFLUENCE GOVERNMENT. If you are interested in affecting how laws get made, reaching out to your councilmembers is the best wayto influence policymaking, HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT including budget decisions.MEET YOUR CITY COUNCIL1.Email council@burienwa.gov. Please note that any written correspondencewith the Council becomes a public record and will get published online inCorrespondence to Council.2.Attend a meeting and make public comment. If standing in front of a group ofpeople makes you nervous, you can always provide written comment. 3.Watch City Council and Planning Commission meetings on either Channel 21(Comcast) or online at burienwa.gov/tv. 4.Many councilmembers are open to meeting for coffee or coming to your churchgroup or other organizations events. You can always send an email or call theindividual councilmembers to connect (burienwa.gov/councilcontact).5.Council is also advised by advisory boards and commissions (see page 8)made up of residents like you. They research, analyze, and discuss topics such as human services, arts, parks and recreation, land use, economic development, and airport issues. All advisory board meetings are open to the public. CONNECT WITH THE CITY MANAGER AND CITY STAFFThe Burien City Manager can respond to your questions or concerns aboutthe operations of the City of Burien. Buriens current city manager is Brian J. Wilson. You can contact him at brianw@burienwa.gov. City staff manage different aspects of the Citys services. If you want to report an issue, such as graffiti or a pothole, you can either call City Hall at (206) 241-4647 or report the issue online at burienwa.gov/report. You can also contact departments directly by either calling Burien City Hall or by sending an email to a specific department. You can find department emails at: burienwa.gov/departments.CONNECT WITH THE BURIEN POLICE ANDFIRE DEPARTMENTSFrom Community Police Academy to Community Emergency Response Team certification, there are many ways to learn more and engage with your localpolice and fire departments. If you would like your neighborhood to have a more formal relationship with the police department, consider forming a neighborhood block watch (see page 23) or hosting a National Night Out event. Learn more atburienwa.gov/publicsafety.6 |BURIEN MAGAZINE'