b'160 SW 152ND STA 98166BURIEN, W206-246-4592BUSINESS LICENSES |CITY HALLMAYOR AND DEPUTY MAYOR ELECTION ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS!Jimmy Matta was elected to serve NEW ONLINE BUSINESS LICENSINGIn early June 2020, the Washington a second, two-year term as mayor andSERVICE STARTS MAY 21, 2020 State Department of Revenues Business Krystal Marx for a one-year term asLicensing Service will send you adeputy mayor. Both Matta and Starting May 21, 2020, you will belicense renewal letter with instructions Marx were elected to Burien Cityable to apply for and renew your Burienon how to renew your City of Burien Council in 2017.business license and other state licensesbusiness license.Matta owns a local construction at the same time and in one place! For more information, including how firm and serves on several communityThe new system will allow you tomuch you will need to pay in fees and boards. Marx is the executive apply or renew online, saving you timespecific deadlines for filing, go todirector of Seattle Pride. and bookkeeping costs.burienwa.gov/businesslicense.Burien is a council-manager form ofEspaol p. 25 / Ting Vit p. 31government. Other members of the Council elect both the mayor andTAXreliefdeputy mayor. Mayors serve two-year terms and deputy mayors serve one-year terms; both can serve an unlimited number of terms.Burien Human Services Fund andREFORMArts and Culture grants, as well as steeply discounted rent, for years. However, we also have a duty to make sure we are protecting the safety of our residents and theNo one knows tax reform Citys long-term financial health. During the emergency meeting, webetter, or gets you more, directed the City staff to conductthan Block.repairs to address immediate health and safety issues in the buildings, but to not exceed $25,000 unless Council authorizes the repairs. TheMAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY,long-term plans for the facility willCALL OR COME BYbe explored in the coming year. IN NORTH BURIENWhile there has been some12003 DES MOINES MEMORIAL DR Ssuccess in finding help for the(206) 267-1975organizations affected by the closure (see City ManagersIN DOWNTOWN BURIENmessage), all of these organizations160 SW 152ND STcould use the communitys support(206) 246-4592as they weather this difficult transition. As councilmembers, we will do what we can to provide support for these organizations.SPRING 2020| 5'