b'CITY HALL| CITY COUNCILCouncil MESSAGECITY COUNCIL B urien has three new coun- City Manager to extend the leases for cilmembers Sofia Aragon,tenants of the Burien Annex Building Cydney Moore, and Kevinuntil the end of July 2020, with the Schillingand they started theiroption of a month-to-month lease up to terms, and their very first CouncilJuly 2020. This decision was made after meeting, with one of the toughesta lengthy discussion and consideration situations the City has faced in theof the significant amount of public last few years. On December 9, 2020,feedback received. the City announced it was closing theThe Annex is more than simply a Burien Community Center Annex, apublic building. It is home to seven building the City of Burien has ownednonprofits that provide vital services since 1993, because inspections foundto the community, including arts Mayor Jimmy Matta Deputy Mayor Krystal Marxsignificant concerns with the structuralperformances and programming, krystalm@burienwa.gov integrity of the building.services and programs for children jimmym@burienwa.gov On January 6, 2020, we directedand families, meals and programs the city manager to engage in furtherfor seniors, and essential services for testing for pollutants in the facility.people experiencing homelessness. As On January 17, 2020, we conveneda Council, we recognize the value these an emergency meeting to discuss theorganizations bring to the community. results of that testing. After reviewingMany of these organizations have results of that testing we directed thereceived funding through the City of Pedro OlguinCydney MooreORDINANCES, RESOLUTIONS, PROCLAMATIONSpedroo@burienwa.gov cydneym@burienwa.govORDINANCES RESOLUTIONSOrdinance 709Restricting the Use and Sale Resolution 419Supporting the Adoptionof Non-Compostable Food Service Products of a Clean Fuels StandardOrdinance 719Modification to the Criminal Resolution 420Adopting an UpdatedCode Related to Animal Cruelty Version of the King County-Cities ClimateOrdinance 7202020 Property Tax Levy Collaboration Joint Letter of CommitmentsOrdinance 721Surface Water Management and Affirming the Citys Commitment toRates Undertake Climate Action Planning in 2020Resolution 421Authorizing Transfer ofKevin SchillingNancy TostaOrdinance 722Commercial Parking Tax Funds Collected Under the Provisions ofkevins@burienwa.gov nancyt@burienwa.gov Ordinance 7232019-2020 Biennial Budget Washington State House Bill 1406 and CityOrdinance 724Zoning Code Amendmentsof Burien Ordinance 714 to the South KingRelating to Single-family Land Uses in Housing and Homelessness PartnersMultifamily Zones and Accessory Dwelling PROCLAMATIONSUnits Regulations ProclamationDeclaring November 11,Ordinance 7252019 Comprehensive 2019 as Veterans Day in BurienPlan Amendments Proclamation for Councilmember Austin BellOrdinance 726New B&O Tax Model Proclamation for CouncilmemberOrdinance 727New B&O Tax Administrative Lucy KrakowiakSofia AragonRulessofiaa@burienwa.gov Ordinance 728Final Plat Approval: Reserve Proclamationfor Councilmember Bob Edgarat Sunnydale4 |BURIEN MAGAZINE'