b'CITY MANAGER |CITY HALL BURIEN MAYORJimmy MattaMayorjimmym@burienwa.govKrystal MarxDeputy Mayor RETAINING THE VALUE OF BURIENS NONPROFITkrystalm@burienwa.govARTS AND SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS operating out of the Burien Community Center Annex and the end-of-life conditionCITY COUNCILof this building have recently been top of mind for many in theSofia AragonCouncilmember community. Following notification on December 2, 2019 of thesofiaa@burienwa.govcondition of the Annex through a Council commissioned reportCydney MooreCouncilmember from MENG Analysis, the priorities of the City of Burien have been: cydneym@burienwa.govsafety for tenants, children, staff, and visitors of the Annex, nowPedro OlguinCouncilmember and into the future; pedroo@burienwa.govmanaging the overall risk and liability to the City based on theKevin SchillingCouncilmember current condition of the building; and kevins@burienwa.govBY BRIAN J. WILSON,through the Annex Tenant Support Team, ensuring theNancy TostaCouncilmember CITY MANAGERsustainability of the nonprofit tenants (during the transition andnancyt@burienwa.govbrianw@burienwa.gov for the long term) with support and assistance. CITY HALLThe Annex Tenant Support Team has been working for the(206) 241-4647past two months to find new locations for the seven nonprofits currently leasing space in theburienwa.govAnnex. Council provided direction to extend month-to-month leases with a maximum term of six months ending July 31, 2020. Six of the seven nonprofits operating out of the AnnexCITY OFFICEShave signed these short-term, month-to-month leases. City Managers Office(206) 248-5508After conducting extensive research and networking, including input from tenants, theCommunity DevelopmentAnnex Tenant Support Team presented locations to all the tenant organizations that couldPlanning Division(206) 248-5510 fit their programming needs. Dozens of potential locations and co-location opportunitiesBuilding Division(206) 248-5520 were presented, and staff from the nonprofit organizations are considering their options. StaffPermit Center(206) 248-5520from the City of Burien, Small Business Development Center, Seattle Southside Chamber ofCity Attorney(206) 248-5531Commerce, and Discover Burien have been helping with site location and technical assistance.Economic DevelopmentWhile some of the organizations have found new short-term locations, others still need(206) 248-5528help. Even the organizations who have been able to relocate successfully still need long-termCity Clerk(206) 436-5578support to ensure their service to the community can both grow and thrive. We encourage the community to reach out to these organizations and learn ways you can support eachHuman Resources(206) 248-5504organizations mission.Human Services(206) 439-3166If you have ideas for ways to support these organizations, contact the Annex TenantParks, Recreation andSupport Team at annexsupport@burienwa.gov.Cultural ServicesThese seven nonprofits, just like the approximately 150 nonprofits that also serve ourBurien Community CenterBurien community, play an essential role in contributing to the health and quality of life for14700 6th Ave. SWour residents and our community. The City of Burien is committed to working in partnership(206) 988-3700with these organizations now and into the future. Safety, managing the overall risk andBurienParks.netliability to the City, and the continued work of our Annex Tenant Support Team remain theMoshier Art Center(206) 242-7752priorities moving forward. Burien Police DepartmentYour feedback is valued and appreciated. Please let me know your thoughts and how the14905 6th Ave. SW Admin 8:30 a.m.5 p.m. MonFriCity can better serve you. (206) 477-2200PHOTO CREDIT: CITY OF BURIEN Abandoned Vehicle Hotline(206) 205-0969Public Works(206) 248-5521Community Center &Senior Program(206) 988-370014700 6th Ave SWCity Job Line(206) 248-5534Report an issue online atburienwa.gov/reportissueFOLLOW US!@Burien @CityofBurienSPRING 2020| 3'