b"VOLUNTEERS |COMMUNITYAnimal Shelter Relies on theIf you are interested inbecoming a Burien C.A.R.E.S.Dedication of Volunteers volunteer, contact themto sign up for oneBY EMILY INLOW-HOOD,It's really up to the individual volunteer'sof their orientation sessionsCOMMUNICATIONS OFFICERstrengths or interests, and our particularat (206) 812-2737 orneeds at any given time, said Hughes. learn more at buriencares.org.AS A SMALL COMMUNITY SHELTER,Its not just the animal shelter that bene-Burien CARES. relies on volunteers to helpfits from the volunteers time and effort. with day-to-day shelter operations, animalFor many, there's the immediate care, and special events. Volunteers are allbenefit of school or court credit, plus agesfrom high school kids to retirees.the satisfaction of giving your time and CARES also accepts court-ordered commu- energy to help animals in need and give nity service volunteers, high school studentsback to your community, said Hughes. with senior class service requirements, andDepending on what they do and how long just ordinary community members with athey're here, volunteers can gain a variety desire to help animals in need. Sometimes,of practical skills and experience working whole families come in together to help! with and taking care of animals, customer Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age.service, etc. And the therapeutic and health All volunteers are required to participatebenefits of interacting with animals are in an initial orientation session, as well aswell documented. We like to think Burien subsequent on-the-job training for nearlyCARES volunteers are just a little bitAlan Christensen, a Burien CARES volunteer, holds every part of shelter operations. happier, healthier, and more well-adjusteda kitten who was recently adopted.We have volunteers who are looking tothan the average citizen! PHOTO CREDIT: CITY OF BURIEN gain experience for a career in an animal-related field, and others who just love animals and want to help out, says Alexander Hughes, Lead Animal Control Officer/Shelter2020Operations. We rely daily on our awesome crew of volunteers to help keep the shelterGolf Membership is now in Perfect Visionship-shape and running smoothly and the animals happy and healthy.GLEN ACRESVolunteers can do a variety of things to help including answering phones, help-ing customers, walking dogs, cleaning catYOUR AFFORDABLEkennels, doing the dishes or laundry, or otherNEIGHBORHOOD GOLF CLUBspecial projects. For example, if they have a large number of dogs, Burien CARES may need extra help with walking, feeding, and cleaning kennels. Visit Glen Acres Friday-Sunday, May 1-3for our Preview to Membership Weekend. Family, Couples & Individual Memberships with dues starting at only $179 per month! Year-Round Adult & Youth Learn and Play programs open to members and guests. Play 18-holes in three hours instead of five. Indoor Impact Zone practice and play golf center on-site.Ashley Hell, a Burien CARES volunteer, holds anVisit GLENACRESGOLF.COM or call (206) 244-3786 for more information. older cat looking for his forever home. 1000 S 112th Street, Seattle 98168PHOTO CREDIT: CITY OF BURIEN. SPRING 2020| 13"