b'CITY NEWS| NEW COUNCILMEMBERSWELCOME NEW COUNCILMEMBERSBY EMILY INLOW-HOOD, COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER SOFIA ARAGON, CYDNEY MOORE, AND KEVIN SCHILLING WERE ELECTED IN 2019 TO BURIEN CITY COUNCIL. They will be serving four-year terms, and their first council meeting was January 6, 2020.Each brings their own unique perspective to the position. If you didnt get to meet them on the campaign trail, heres your opportunity to get to know your newest councilmembers a little better.experience and expertise to shape publicstrong schools and access to health and SOFIA ARAGON policy. Strong public policy creates oppor- social services.tunity for all. As a registered nurse andAragon has served on numerous state-attorney, she worked in Olympia for over awide advisory committees under Governors decade to advocate for affordable and acces- Locke, Gregoire, and Inslee. She currently sible health care, protecting public health,serves on the board of the Washington Low workplace safety, and ensuring differingIncome Housing Alliance to help solve the opinions are included in the developmenthomelessness crisis and ensure affordable of public policy.housing for everyone.She moved on to be the executive direc- With a public school foundation, she tor of the Washington Center for Nursing,earned her first degree from the Univer-a private nonprofit organization focusedsity of Washington with a bachelor of arts on building a strong and diverse nursingin economics. She went on to receive a I am committed to making sure Burien isworkforce. In this role she works withbachelor of science in nursing from Seattle a safe, healthy, and inclusive place where mybusiness and education leaders to build aUniversity and a law degree from Loyola family and residents both new and old canhealth workforce our communities need.University-Chicago.call home for a lifetime. While Burien is moving forward on plansHer hobbies include playing tennisSofia Aragon lives with her husband infor more growth, she believes planningand traveling with her husband andBurien. Aragons passion is to apply hershould include community needs such asstepdaughter.lation is healthy, happy, and thriving, and Isocial media and digital marketing CYDNEY MOORE will work to accomplish this by making suremanagement and consulting, web design, their interests are always well-represented atand sales. In 2011 she launched her own the local level. I am dedicated to making ourdigital media start-up, which grew into a city a clean, safe, sustainable, and inclu- successful small business. Moore has also sive place for all. I enjoy collaborating withspent time working as a freelance writer others to pursue these shared goals, becausefor the B-Town Blog, covering happenings I know that together we can build a brighterin Burien, and launching a series profiling future for Burien!local shelter pets.Cydney Moore moved her family toMoore has been a leader in the nonprofit Burien in 2013, and immediately fell insector for over a decade. She serves on the love with the natural beauty, rich diversity,Board of Trustees of the Burien Arts Asso-and vibrant culture of the city. Since thatciation, has served as a Lead Organizer for My priority is to improve the quality oftime, she has been actively involved inACLU Burien People Power, Co-coordi-life for all who live, work, and do businessthe community, including working withnator of the Burien/White Center Migra in Burien. I believe our people deserve avarious local organizations and nonprofits. Watch Team, and spent several years on community that supports their needs, whileMoore has been a journalist and editor,the steering committee of the statewide offering opportunity for growth and devel- with a background focused on politics.nonprofit Sensible Washington, during opment. My focus is ensuring Buriens popu- Her other professional experience includeswhich she helped create and operate the 10 |BURIEN MAGAZINE'